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About AthensGuy.com Web Hosting

AthensGuy.com is a personalized Web Hosting service administrated and developed by Patrick & Cynthia MacDonald. Patrick has professionally served the Internet industry for 10+ years as both developer and administrator for several ISPs, large and small, including BellSouth.net, Cox Communications, America.net, and Accucomm. Cynthia has a Master's Degree in Economics and has worked in accounting and finance for 10 years - along with sidelining as an IT consultant.

We have lived in the Athens area for over 12 years. This community is our home, so everyone we work with is a potential friend and neighbor. We can meet with you anytime to discuss what you need out of a web hosting provider and web page designer.

Patrick & Cynthia MacDonald
Athens, Georgia

To order or make inquiries email info@athensguy.com.

The AthensGuy.com server is leased from EV1Servers, (formerly RackShack.net) along with 18,000 other Windows and Linux server customers.

Their facility, called Project Imperial, is the world's largest dedicated hosting data center. Project Imperial is connected to the Internet through 14 Gigabit Ethernet links from six separate backbone providers, who each run fiber optic cable into the data center through two separate entry points.

It is located in Houston, Texas, and features 65,000 square feet of space with redundant UPS, air conditioning, generator backup and smoke detection/fire protection systems. The facility is under 24/7 remote camera surveillance and security guard patrol.

There are many WebCams overlooking the data center AthensGuy.com is located in:

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Published on: 2004-02-16 (8243 reads)

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