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·  What is Web Hosting?
·  What administration features come with the web hosting service?

·  What is Web Hosting?

Think of someone moving into Athens, Georgia. They have many options for how they will choose their living space. Will they choose to make a major investment and purchase a house? Will it have a good location near UGA? Or will they choose to rent? Do they need a house because they require lots of room or will an apartment do?

AthensGuy.com is the property management equivalent for the Internet. We rent you space on our server as if it were an apartment. We charge a low monthly fee so that you don't have to make the huge investment of a house mortgage just for your web site.

And the location is fantastic! Just as there are traffic jams in town, there are traffic jams on the Internet. The AthensGuy.com servers are connected to the best high-speed and high-available networks to minimize slow traffic to your web guests.

AthensGuy.com lets you choose whether you want to maintain the web site yourself or leave the work to us. We will be glad to do it for you. Give us a call and we'll be glad to help you decide what solution works best for your needs.

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·  What administration features come with the web hosting service?

  • File Admin - This simple FTP client allows you to transfer your web pages to and from the AthensGuy.com server through the FTP browser. No software required.
  • Email Admin - Manage mailboxes, aliases, forwardings, and email passwords.
  • Email Stats - Reports and graphs on email traffic for your domain.
  • Web Stats - Reports and graphs on web traffic for your website.
  • FTP Stats - Reports and graphs on ftp traffic for your website.
  • Active Offsite Backup - AthensGuy.com proprietary software that allows webadmins to view their website at the offsite location to ensure the backup is operational.
  • WebMail Mailbox - Complementory webmail access to the webadmin's mailbox. View email securely with SSL.
  • .htaccess files - Configure how Apache loads your web pages with .htaccess files.

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